Adding Aerial Drones to our services helps establish us as one of the leading marketing companies in Australia! We also offer a full line up of Production and Photography equipment including: Canon and Sony cameras for both photography and high-end video production, gimbals, jibs, dollies, in addition to a team of fully experience professionals.

So how can aerial photography assist your business? Creating high quality images and footage that provoke emotions is crucial! Aerial photographs and videos can offer a unique bird’s-eye view, and will set your business apart from the crowd! Being certified with ReOC.6728 enable Hstudios to fly where others are unable to due to CASA laws.

Drones are taking businesses to new heights (pun intended)! Real Estate agencies can capture previously unseen views of properties, Developers can show-off their large scale creations, and Agriculturalists can identify issues with crops immediately.

There is no better way to showcase local tourism and travel destinations than with drone video and photography, where aerial filming can show attractions and promote the experience like never before. For Tourism Providers, Hotels, Sports Clubs, Golf Courses, and Playing Fields it brings many benefits where they can advertise their assets in a new and exciting way.

And let’s not forget about manufacturing and retail, drones can be used across every industry sector!

Aerial Showreel