The H Team have been working hard these past months on a range of new and exciting projects, and it’s only the beginning! Below is a little summary of what each of us have been up to!

Heath shot corporate images for McCallum Disability Services, Commercial Product shots for Selkirk’s new range of Urban Architectural Panels, Food and Products shots for Springhill Farm’s latest advertising campaign.

Recent Work Heath

Just this past week Heath packed up all the gear and headed to Port Douglas (QLD) to cover an Office Max conference, which included live video projections, one on one business interviews, daily highlights packages of the conference, and capturing all the fun of the downtime. It was a lot of work, but check out where he got to stay! Looks amazing!

Port Douglas

Mick worked long and hard on The Indian Motorcycle launch, America’s first motorcycle company which launched an exciting new range of motorcycles; the iconic Indian Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, or Chieftain. He put together an hour long presenter of the launch, plus Heath and Mick went in-store and shot a presenter showing the new Indian apparel that is available.

Cassandra covered the CanTeen FunDay at Wendy’s Stockland Wendouree – Raising money and awareness for Teenage Cancer Patients. She also photographed portraits of the lovely staff at Westpac, and got a great shot of the Leasing team at PRD Nationwide Ballarat.

Recent Work Cassandra

Pina’s been busy scripting for Stockland, pitching concepts, and putting a new spin on the Exhibitions and Events Australia Commercials.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!