Real Estate Video for marketing is becoming more and more important as technology continues to progress. Amongst all of the listings, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd as more buyers take to the internet to look for their new home. Marketing your home through video is an excellent tool to grab the attention of buyers, allowing you to communicate more information in a shorter period of time.

Why should you have a property video for your home?

Listings with video have a 400% increase in enquiries

Not only does a Real Estate Video showcase your house more effectively than any other medium, buyers are also more likely to enquire about a property after watching the video. The more eyes on your property means the higher the chances are of your home selling faster.

Get your message across Fast!

Today’s buyers need to get the facts fast! Time is money, and the use of a Real Estate Video will get the message across in the space of only a few short minutes. With just a click of the mouse, real estate videos can give buyers all the information they need faster than reading through all the property information or flicking through 15 plus photos on multiple websites. Buyers can also see how the house flows, while the agent explains the benefits and features of the home.

Emotionally connect with Buyers

It’s no secret video is a powerful medium. Real Estate Video can create an emotional connection between your house and a potential buyer. A nice shot of the bath with the tap running will get buyers imagining themselves in the home. You don’t just want the buyers attention, you want them to love the house!

Speak with your agent today to make sure you include video in the marketing of your home. Remember, a video is never simply just a video, it is an essential marketing tool!

Heath Worsley

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