The Client:

Shayne Reese Swimming is one of the leading technique driven swim schools in the country that has developed a comprehensive learning program to suit every student.

Shayne Reese OAM is the name behind this amazing swim school and her accolades in swimming, equips her with the expertise to provide the best swimming lessons available in the region!

Shayne Reese Swimming aims to build life-long skills that ensures students continue their enjoyment of the aquatic environment and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Challenge:

Shayne Reese Swimming has shown its commitment to developing a leading swim school program for its students and their families in 2021. Shayne Reese Swimming evolved this commitment with their new customer first program and enrolment system. This new program is packed with amazing features and benefits for families to book, schedule, manage payments and view their child’s skill progress via the customer portal and mobile app.

Shayne Reese came to Hstudios to help with their launch of this new program with the purpose to rollout and provide guidance to new & existing customers of its features. Shayne Reese needed marketing content that was enticing and informative to help their customers be onboard with the rollout.

The Outcome:

Hstudios was able to produce a variety of marketing content to be applied to various applications all with the purpose of being both enticing and informative to the audience. We produced videos that were instructional on how to use all the features on both the customer portal and the mobile app, and we produced extra wording content on their website to accompany these videos.

We also produced social media content to highlight the key features of the new program and promoted the benefits to over 2000 people on their Facebook. This was also applied to their email marketing platform built into the new program portal to their existing customers.

This approach to content marketing has proven to be a success for Shayne Reese Swimming, with Hstudios continuing to assist with their content marketing for the promotion of their 10-year birthday celebrations and their incredible stories and experience of being part of 2 Olympic Games.

Visit us at our studio at 102 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat, VIC, 3350

Ph: (03) 4313 4233

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