The Client

Hstudios is very proud to be partnering with the sustainable energy leader Global Power Generation (GPG) ) a company committed to the electric energy business, that develop and manage power generation assets with a focus globally operating in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and more. The company belongs to the Naturgy Group a multinational energy group in gas and electricity integration which operates in more than 20 countries as a vehicle to channel its international electricity generation business.

Currently in Australia GPG manages the following wind farms throughout Victoria and New South Wales: Crookwell 2 and Berrybank 1 under operations, Berrybank 2 under construction, Hawkesdale, Ryan Corner, Crookwell 3 and Paling Yards with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) secured and Darlington under development.

The Challenge

GPG has shown its commitment to develop and implement websites specifically dedicated to their projects in order to establish appropriate channels of communication and information with the local communities, stakeholders and public in general. Each of these websites has to deliver resources, regular updates on both the construction and operational phases and points of contact for community members to utilise.

All these websites have been designed following the corporate brand and communications guidelines and standards established by Naturgy Group. Being an international company, this process requires us to liaise internationally with the teams in Spain but also here in Australia to achieve the final outcomes.


The Outcome

Since 2020 we have developed 5 websites in collaboration with GPG, meeting the companies requirements. These websites have been developed with the main focus on the users’ experience, delivering a smooth and easy to navigate interface while also being visually appealing to match their brand.

Each of these have been developed by us making sure all aspects of the site could be easily updatable, easy to manage by the GPG team and last the lifetime of the website.

The websites we have developed so far include Berrybank 1Berrybank 2, Hawkesdale, Ryan Corner and Crookwell 3 with an opportunity to continue our incredible partnership with GPG and develop more websites in the future.

Visit us at our studio at 102 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat, VIC, 3350

Ph: (03) 4313 4233

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