Play it forward

With everyone back from holidays in anticipation of another exciting year ahead, we thought we might take a moment to reflect on some noteworthy projects from last year.  One such project was a video we produced in support of the Play it Forward initiative in collaboration with the Ballarat City Football Club.  Play it Forward is a drive to collect pre-loved sporting equipment to distribute to less fortunate children in Eastern Africa.  To get involved, you can visit the Play it Forward website here.

Face and Smile

We developed a branding and awareness campaign for Face and Smile, a new dentistry service in Ballarat. We saw an opportunity to build awareness and locality for our client, whilst at the same time showcasing the beauty of our home town.  We captured iconic imagery from around Ballarat and combined it with the Face and Smile styling.  Hopefully the end result puts some smiles on faces!  For more information you can visit the Face and Smile website here.  View the the commercial below.

Crowlands Wind Farm

Renewable energy is an exciting and important technology for our future, and we are excited to share a sneak peak behind the scenes of a new wind farm which is being built near Ararat.  We have been working with Anditech to capture time-lapse footage of the construction process.  You can visit the Crowlands Wind Farm website for more information on this project. Below you’ll find some behind the scenes images of the time-lapse setup.

The So Soft Marshmallow Co.

Finally, as a bonus follow up from our December blog, here are a few behind the scenes images from the production of the launch campaign for The So Soft Marshmallow Co.  The commercial was shot in Ballarat, where this exciting new company is based! You can check out their website here.

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