We photographed the cover of the UFS Christmas Catalogue recently, which was a massive flat lay about 1.8m tall. This is no simple task, usually with a flat lay you can shoot directly overhead and get great results, this was complex and required some mathematics! Who would of thought that geometry would come in handy as a photographer?

So we created a rig ourselves, with a mirror the same size as the flat lay, hanging from our lighting rig at a 45 degree angle. Getting everything in the right spot was tricky, but once it was done the rest of the shoot was simple and we had the flexibility to move the camera and adjust the shot. To finish it, we simply flipped the shot in photoshop, and you would never know it was shot in a mirror!

Now you could shoot directly overhead, but the problems we would face was too much. To achieve that shot directly overhead we would need to be about 2-3m in the air directly above the flat lay, allowing some room to zoom to reduce any distortion. This was a back up plan, and it was because of these potential issues:

  • Lining up the shot or changing the angle during the shoot would be almost impossible
  • Can’t see what you’re doing if you do want to change the angle of the camera, even hooked up to a laptop it is tricky
  • If using a large ladder/scaffolding, not getting either of those in the shot
  • Possibly knocking the ladder/scaffolding and messing up the shot

Thankfully we avoided all of those issues, and once we had the camera in position we needed to test it, and so we grabbed everything we had laying around the studio…. On the day of the shoot the products looked so much nicer in the frame rather than our random assortment of stuff.

Behind the Scenes Flat Lay

We also shot the back cover which was also another large flat lay, this time on a plush rug.

Back Cover Flat Lay

All in all it was a very successful shoot, and it was great working on the catalogue with UFS. If you want to see the Front Cover Flat Lay looking larger than life, I spotted a massive print of it in the window of the UFS in the Bridge Mall. Check it out! You can also View the UFS Catalogue online, and we did a fair amount of the product shots inside the catalogue as well.

UFS Flat Lay Catalogue Cover

Heath Worsley

Having almost 25 years in the advertising industry & bringing extensive knowledge and experience in both regional & national markets, Heath’s dream became a reality when he created a premium, innovative production company.