We had so much fun making the TVCs for the Gold FM launch, we had to make our own behind the scenes version including all of our staff! Our Gold FM – Hstudios Extra video has attracted heaps of views on YouTube so far, and from the feedback we have received, people in Indonesia love it!

The concept for the TVC was to show locals dancing in the street as ‘Gold’ moments, to launch the new regional Victoria radio station, Gold FM. Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ was the tune of the day, as we were inspired by the Happy video clip, plus it’s a hard song not to dance to! We travelled to Bendigo, Castlemaine and Maryborough to capture the local talent, and paid them $50 to dance in the street for the camera. Surprisingly we had a lot of volunteers who were keen to dance for us, and we had a great time filming them as well as and dancing with them.

To make this commercial happen, we used our newest piece of equipment, the Gimbal made by Defy. This new toy of ours required specialised training to use effectively, so I braved the coldest Winters day and headed down to Melbourne to Dragon Image for the Defy Workshop. For those of you who are wondering “What is a Gimbal?” Its a stabilisation device which helps to keep your camera steady and level while you move without the use of a tripod. This gives you more mobility and creativity while still delivering a steady shot.

Drew Janes from Defy in America presented the workshop to a small group of keen videographers. After a brief presentation of the inner workings of the Defy company, it was straight into the important stuff, how to correctly balance the Gimbal! Once balanced Drew showed us how to get the best out of the Gimbal!

We put the Defy Gimbal through it’s paces by taking turns to film different scenarios. We quickly found out how awesome the gimbal really is. By keeping the camera steady the gimbal gives you the ability to create new and interesting shots without the need for other equipment. Thanks to the guys at Dragon Image Melbourne for an awesome day!