Producing the latest commercial for Federation University Hairdressing was an exiting challenge for us here at Hstudios. Following their recent marketing campaign that most of Ballarat would be familiar with, we needed to keep the branding consistent. Keeping in mind that the ad ‘needed to be innovative, high-tech and quite clever‘ we worked on the idea of the futuristic graphic interface you see in the Commercial.

Every member of the H team was involved in creating this ad, using each of our different skill sets to cover all angles of production. Heath acted as the Director of the shoot and worked with Luigi on the lighting. Luigi was also our cameraman, getting the shot right was critical. Pina as the Producer and script writer, she managed the set and ensured that the talent looked great and that Holly kept her hands in the same position for the interface. Cassandra’s photos are what you see in the interface, working with the students as the models. Paolo brought it all together in post, editing the ad and creating the graphic interface and making it look fantastic!

It was a pleasure to work with the marketing team at Fed Uni as well as the teachers and students.