Build Your Brand and Build it Well: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

“You’ve got this great business and you’re confident potential customers are going to love it too! The problem is, clients aren’t noticing you…” Keep reading to find out how to stand out!

wordpress upload limit - angry boy

WordPress upload limit – 5 ways to get around it

With these 5 simple tips I managed to help a few of our clients with the pesky issue of upload limit on their WordPress website.


5 ways to increase your mailing list (without annoying pop-ups)

If you recently noticed a drop in the rankings and you have a pop up message set up on your website, you should consider less invasive options to promote your newsletter. Here’s 5 pop-up-free options that allow you to do so —without damaging your brand.


5 Ways to Stop Spam Emails Slowing Down Your Business

There’s no silver bullet to stop spam from coming through, though there’s a couple of nifty tricks that will definitely help you in your crusade against unsolicited emails.


5 causes of a slow website (and how to fix them)

Poor website performance is a common issue —and a pretty frustrating one for users, too. According to a research conducted by gomez.com across more than 150 websites, a slow website (2 to 10 seconds of response time) increases page abandonment rates by up to 38%.


Preparing your Home for Real Estate Photos

We do a great deal of Real Estate photography at Hstudios, I have photographed countless houses and moved and rearranged a lot of items over the years, so a simple guide on preparing your home for photos seems like a useful tool for homeowners.