Team Bananas in the Park made it! 100 kilometres in 28 hours and 16 minutes.

We began our journey at 7.30am on Friday morning, the atmosphere at the starting line was amazing. I felt excited and nervous of what was to come. I could not believe the amount of people who were prepared to take on this mammoth challenge all for such an amazing cause. There were about 2500 people which is mind blowing.

The volunteers were amazing throughout every road crossing and every check in point… all with an abundance of coffee stands, chocolates and lollies to keep everyone going. Our support crew were simply incredible…providing us with chairs to rest, ample drinks, food fuel and always finishing with a big hug and beautiful words of encouragement.

Tiri who filled in for another team member who unfortunately had to pull out did an incredible job and walked 50k’s with us and we cannot thank him enough for his tremendous effort.

Our spirits were pretty high throughout the whole event; Craig managed to listen to the Friday night footy match with his team winning. Luisa and I had music to listen to throughout the night, where we did some pretty terrible singing and dancing! We laughed most of the night but before we knew it the sun was rising. The last 15k leg was the hardest as by this time my first blister had appeared and my legs and back were starting to ache. As we approached the very last hill all I was thinking was ‘are you kidding me’ as it was so ridiculously steep and this is where growth mindset kicked in. I knew that I was not going to give up no matter what!

As I saw the finishing line approaching I was overwhelmed with emotion and once we crossed that magic line the tears just flowed. Tears of sheer joy that I had reached the finish line and achieved my ultimate goal and I was so pleased to see our families waiting for us as they cheered us through.

To Luisa, Craig and Tiri, you are all inspirational people and I thank you for being on this journey with me. Luisa, your constant smiles and laughs made the experience one I shall never forget and I am so lucky and grateful to call you my friend… I love you to bits!

To all our family and friends who sent us words of encouragement, followed us throughout the 100-kilometre walk and donated to Oxfam I cannot thank you all enough. Together we raised $3798.00, which is just an incredible amount and more than we ever expected so thank you all once again. In total every Oxfam walker raised over 2 million dollars. Together we have made a difference to so many lives, which is just so pleasing. You can check out all the stats of the walk here.

A few days on, we have all recovered extremely well apart from a few blisters here and there and a few toenails lost… which by the way is NOT a good look at all!

So for now this little Banana in the Park is going to enjoy the Easter break.
I hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter!

Pina Worsley

Having worked in television for 20 years as a producer, scriptwriter & presenter, Pina is passionate about helping businesses communicate their messages effectively. With a devotion for writing combined with creative execution Pina is valued for her strategic input and prompt turn-around.