You’ve got this great business and you are confident potential customers are going to love it too! The problem is clients aren’t noticing you because they’re so saturated with online and print advertising. They simply can’t find you amongst the crowd of other businesses providing a similar service or product.

It’s a common problem that many business owners face. With almost limitless ways to advertise your business, how can you ensure you are noticed, while still maintaining your budget and increasing your profit?

It’s all about having a unique identity to knock the socks off any potential client or customer and a solid marketing strategy. It’s about being the talk of the town and the business which people refer to during a conversation with their friends, family and colleagues.

The good news is, you can be the brand people notice and the brand they use. Here’s 5 ways you can do to ensure your business is the one customers use on a repeat basis:

1. Have Business Cards That Pop

Business cards are handed out during network events, after casual conversations and can be placed on your reception counter or on the counters of other businesses. This small but important piece of card needs to spark conversation and lead to future clients or customers. Professionally designed business cards will ‘pop’ and go a lot further than a generic DIY card. It’s sure to be at the top of the pile in people’s wallets.

2. Create Design That Speaks

All businesses need to create designs that speak to their customer base. It’s a visual world, and everything from advertising material, logos, stationary design and signage counts. Your graphic designs should be cohesive, clear and communicate your brand identity clearly to your potential customer or client.

3. Build a Website That Works

Lack of a functional website is one of the biggest things that lets a business down. It might seem self-explanatory to create a website that works, but there’s so much more at play when it comes to building a website. Your website needs to utilise effective SEO trends and have new content uploaded on a regular basis.

4. Produce Video That Catches

Video is one of the most important mediums for building brand identity today. Make your business one to be noticed by producing video that catches on. Video that catches is shared by many, and can become viral in a positive way. Professional video works best to get your brand noticed.

5. Use Social Media That Connects

If you think social media is just another way of advertising, then it’s time to think about it as more than that. Social media is one of the best ways to connect your business to a targeted audience. Done well, using social media will give you the link to your ideal customer base. To really get the most out of social media marketing, you need to use more than one platform and you need to not only produce excellent content, but the content needs to be frequent, relevant and engaging.

Build Your Brand With Hstudios

All the elements that go into building your brand identity can be time consuming and difficult, as various skills and specialities are needed to build your brand well. That’s where Hstudios come in! We can create the perfect marketing strategy to suit your needs. Our team are specialised in video, photography, graphic design, web design and more. We’ll give you the best advice on how to build your brand into something you can be proud of and that people are bound to be talking about! Contact us today to find out more.

Heath Worsley

Having almost 25 years in the advertising industry & bringing extensive knowledge and experience in both regional & national markets, Heath’s dream became a reality when he created a premium, innovative production company.

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