Hstudios is proud to announce we can now offer “True High End” 4k video production!

4k is a word that’s been thrown around for a while now and has pioneered technological advances in the way we capture, share, and view videos with our friends and family. Almost all smart devices can now shoot 4k video in some way or another, and it is one of the most desired video formats for high end video production and post-production editing. Whether you prefer to shoot cat videos on your phone or delve deeper into the art of filmmaking, understanding what makes 4k the best format will help you make more informed choices when you’re faced with a tough decision.

With many levels of 4k video, here at Hstudios we are about producing quality for our clients and our cameras are potentially a massive 40 times better compared to domestic low end cameras.

4k vs 1080p HD.

4k-vs-1080pThe name 4k (otherwise known as Ultra High Definition) is used to describe the amount of pixels across the video’s horizontal axis, which is close to a whopping 4000 pixels (3860 x 2160 to be exact). To put this into perspective, 1080p HD (full HD) only offers 1920 x 1080 pixels. This makes 4k a much more detailed image than anything you’ve probably seen before! For example, the image above appears slightly blurrier when viewed in 1080p HD than it’s superior 4k counterpart.

The magic of Ultra HD really shows when downscaled to a lower resolution. When downscaling to 1080p, the 4k image will retain it’s clear, crisp detail revealing a much more stunning picture quality.

What 4k means for you and your business.

Knowing how Ultra HD can help your business flourish is an essential tool heading into the future. It can enhance your video marketing and help boost your product’s awareness by:

  • Increasing content quality

    Your business will always be associated with the quality of your content. Producing a higher quality video, greater exposure range and better colour (that is just not possible with lower end cameras)  will not only impress your audience, but will also establish positive feelings towards your campaign and business, otherwise known as the ‘Halo Effect’.

  • Gaining more views

    With the popularity of video marketing increasing especially on social media, making your business stand out can be a battle. People are more likely to view a video in the highest resolution possible. Giving your audience the opportunity to watch your content in a much more stunning picture quality can be the difference between thousands of views and a couple of clicks.

  • Improving YouTube rank

    YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by the largest in the world, Google. Ranking your videos higher on YouTube means your content is more likely to ranked higher on Google, which is great! YouTube ranks videos based on a comprehensive formula that looks into views, video duration, and most importantly, quality. Producing a high quality video could be what separates you from your competition, boosting your business into the spotlight!

  • Increasing longevity

    When you pay for the production of a high quality video, you want it to last as long as possible. There’s nothing more noticeable in an outdated video than a drop in resolution quality, especially if black bars hug the edges of the frame. With Ultra HD TVs and computer monitors becoming a more popular choice with consumers, producing content in a higher resolution secures longevity for years to come!

4k is the future and it’s happening now! With it’s outstanding jump in quality, it’s becoming a more popular choice for viewers with TVs, computers, and mobile devices. It’s where tv, social media, and online streaming services are heading, with YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook leading the charge in the 4k revolution.

Contact Hstudios today to see how we can enhance your marketing with Ultra HD video!

The 4K Image we have used as an example at the top of the page can be found here.

Alyssa Baker

Alyssa completed her Bachelor of Film and Television at Sound and Audio Engineering Institute Melbourne and is a passionate filmmaker with experience in a variety of production roles. She has produced numerous promotional and television commercials for a range of clients and has now extended her knowledge into photography.

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