4 compelling reasons your business may need a blog

For many businesses, a blog on their website can help with their business growth. It can help with their search engine ranking, establish them as an expert, build new and existing relationships, and convert an audience to leads. Here are 4 compelling reasons your business may need a blog.

1. Increase your business’s rank on search engines

In most cases, a business will look to implement a blog on their website to help the business’s website rank on search engines. Compared to paid ads (short-term, less viable), a blog is the perfect long-term solution for search engine rankings.

In this case, regular posting of blog content for your specific industry over a long period of time will be a great benefit in increasing traffic to your website and be recognised as a legitimate source for your specific industry. Eventually through trial and error, your blog posts and your website will begin to rank higher and possibly on page one of Google for search terms related to your industry.

2. Help further establish your business as the experts

While in-house customer service can build your credibility and establish a repeating customer base, a blog can further establish your expertise online and reach an untapped market. Blog content that provides valuable advice, tips & tricks as well as insights will form great benefits for both your business and your audience.

A great way to start your journey blogging, is to come up with a list structured blog. The post you are reading right now is a list structured blog. It not only helps with structuring your blog post, it also is an easy reading experience. Depending on the subject matter, a good rule of thumb for list items is to talk about is between 4 – 10 items.

3. Build relationships and increase engagement with your audience

A blog is not only for providing a sense of expertise, but it also builds a great feedback loop for how you engage with your audience, clients/customers. For many blogs including a comment form at the bottom of the blog can help build this area for feedback. It also gives you an opportunity to comment back and provide further insight if your audience needs more clarification.

You can also get feedback when you share the blog post to your social platforms. It allows the audience to see a link to the blog post to then lead them to it (which helps with increased traffic), but also is another point of reference for this type of feedback.

All this feedback allows you to improve, update and build upon your customer service practices both in-house and online. And with this feedback loop it will not only build these online relationships with your audience but interacting with them in the comments will help increase engagement and consistently be seen as the experts.


4. Convert your audience to clients/customers

A blog cultivates an audience before the purchase has been made. It allows your audience to get insight into the subject matter, to make informed decisions and builds trust to take the next steps with you.

By putting all the previous aspects into place this creates an excellent tool you can use in your marketing bag. Start your blogging journey to cultivate, build trust, become an expert, and convert your audience into buying clients/customers.

Happy blogging!

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