Talk about a challenge!

On Friday April 7, 2017 three truly beautiful friends and myself will be walking the huge distance of 100 kilometres to raise money and awareness for poverty and injustice. The event is the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Teams of 4 enter this event and we have 48 hours to all walk or run the 100km trail.
I can assure you that we will be WALKING and we’re hoping to finish in approximately 25 hours.

My team ‘Bananas In The Park’ (I know it’s a little bit of a crazy name… but it’s memorable) will be going the distance and are hoping to raise funds to improve indigenous health in regional Australia and support orphans and people affected by HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa along with educating people in Laos on efficient farming techniques.

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Since September last year we have put ourselves through months of intense training and have learnt so much about each other, our bodies and having a healthy mindset. For me a healthy mindset is the power to see obstacles we may come across in life and knowing that we will overcome them.

When we first started training we thought 10km’s was a huge distance and 100km seemed ridiculous but now we find 20 or 25km’s to be a relatively short walk. Our bodies and our minds have clearly adjusted. After 15 hours with lots of breaks included we cracked the 60km mark! This was such a huge personal achievement for me.

People have asked me…’Why on earth would you want to walk 100km for?’ There are a few reasons. I wanted to set myself a personal challenge and break out of my comfort zone but most importantly to make a difference to those in need.
A little drop in the ocean can cause such a significant ripple effect.

I‘ve had a massive amount of support from my gorgeous husband Heath and our family. The radox baths have been waiting for me at the end of every walk and the voltaren rubs have been divine!

If you would like to sponsor our team in the Oxfam Trailwalker, please click here, and I cannot thank you enough!

I shall keep you posted and let you know how we all go in the weeks to come but in the mean time lets here it for team… BANANAS IN THE PARK!

Bananas In the Park

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