Heath Worsley


Having started in the advertising industry in the early 90’s there has been many changes in all aspects of the way advertising is delivered to audiences.

With over 25 years in the advertising industry, bringing extensive knowledge and experience in both regional and national markets Heath’s passion is now even greater, going through such an exciting era of change.

Pina Worsley


Having worked in television for 20 years as a producer, scriptwriter & presenter, Pina is passionate about helping businesses communicate their messages effectively. With a devotion for writing combined with creative execution Pina is valued for her strategic input and prompt turn-around.

Cassandra Mann

Photographer/Web Designer

Cassandra completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography) at La Trobe University and currently works with a large range of corporate & commercial clients in all aspects of photographic advertising. Cassandra has now intensified her knowledge and taken on the role of web designer.

Paolo Tami

Motion Graphics Designer/Web Designer

Paolo studied Graphic Design in a small historic town in Italy called Urbino. After moving to Australia he completed his Masters in Animation and Interactive Media in Melbourne. His skills include Animation, Video Editing and Web Design.

Jay Kim


description coming soon