Heath Worsley


Having started in the advertising industry in the early 90’s there has been many changes in all aspects of the way advertising is delivered to audiences.

With over 25 years in the advertising industry, bringing extensive knowledge and experience in both regional and national markets Heath’s passion is now even greater, going through such an exciting era of change.

Pina Worsley

Owner/Marketing Strategy

Having worked in the Media Industry for over 20 years, Pina thrives on helping businesses communicate their message effectively.

Pina is a creative Producer and Scriptwriter and develops effective Marketing Strategies to grow your business to it’s maximum potential.

Cassandra Mann


Cassandra completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography) at La Trobe University in 2011, and works with a large range of corporate and commercial clients in all aspects of photographic advertising.

Ryan Goodwin

Multi Media Specialist

Ryan has always loved making movies, and from a young age he was making stop-motion action sequences with matchbox cars and the family handy-cam. Years later, he acquired an Advanced Diploma of Screen, and has built a career working on television commercials, programs, sports and news productions.
Ryan particularly enjoys the art of editing, utilising music, animation, and generally being creative.